What is National American Miss Really About?

Is National American Miss a Scam?

In one word, no. Unfortunately in the Pageant world, organizations do exist that are designed to take your money (scam) and give you awards.  And that’s it.  For example, “Toddlers and Tiaras” gave the world a heavy dose of these so-called pageants and what they offer. It’s quite unsettling to see little girls with heavy makeup, hair extensions or wigs, spray tans, and even porcelain veneers to give the look of natural teeth!  Additionally, a lot of pageants have “hidden” costs that parents and contestants are unaware of.  However, NAM is NOT one of those kinds of pageants.  All of their costs are disclosed upfront.

Real Girls…Real Talent…Real Rewards!!

Since 2003, National American Miss (NAM) has instilled self-confidence and pride into girls of all ages across the country.  Known for its “natural” pageantry, NAM dismisses flaunting swimsuits and parading young girls with over-used makeup.  Instead, it focuses on what’s most important…how the girls present themselves.

So what’s it all about?

Of course, the word “Pageant” only begins to describe what National American Miss is really about. NAM is so much more than pretty dresses and Crowns & Banners. As a matter of fact, NAM is a community. In today’s world, girls need a community of peers that support them reaching their goals and gaining the skills they need to succeed! At NAM, they develop social skills, learn how to remain confident by avoiding negative thinking, and discover how to handle disappointments with grace and elegance.

Is NAM a “fly-by-night pageant?

Absolutely not!  There ARE pageants that are open for only a few months, scam you out of a lot of money, and disappear.  For over a decade, National American Miss has been helping girls generate life-long friendships and memories to cherish for years to come. NAM has a great reputation for remaining true to its mission of providing girls the necessary tools to gain the poise, confidence and assertiveness needed for future endeavors. Moreover, the highly acclaimed nationwide staff ensures that every aspect of each pageant is held to the highest standards.

What do I gain from participating?

Meagan Tandy National American Miss

Meagan Tandy

NAM is designed to capitalize on a girl’s strengths and help them grow in areas that may need help.  This includes self-esteem, speaking publicly, attaining confidence through struggles, and gaining satisfaction when you achieve your goals!!  NAM also helps girls step out of their comfort zones and teaches them good sportsmanship, no matter the outcome of the pageant.
Meagan Tandy, former Miss California Teen went on to be Miss California USA.  She also starred in the MTV series “Teen Wolf” and the Lifetime series “Unreal”. Meagan gained confidence and developed her skills as an actress in part through her experience she had with National American Miss.

Among the National American Miss Community and throughout the Nation, there are thousands of young ladies succeeding everyday. Also, you don’t have to place in the top 15 to be a success. Each and every girl wins by using the tools and skills they obtain with NAM to have a positive impact in society and the world. And remember…confident girls make excellent leaders!!

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